Sending SMS with Twillo

I am trying to send SMS to a user phone number using twillo Communication APIs for SMS, Voice, Video & Authentication | Twilio, i have followed the Python/Django Docs but i keep getting this error whenever i call the function that will send the OTP to the mobile phone.


TwilioRestException at /accounts/login
e[31me[49mHTTP Error [0m [37m [49m] Your request was: [0m]

e[36me[49mPOST /Accounts/ACbf48722e94de551d3ad561f9eda0e707/Messages.jsone[0m

e[37me[49mTwilio returned the following information: [0m]

e[34me[49mUnable to create a record: Authenticatee[0m

e[37me[49mMore information may be available here: [0m]


This is the code to send the OTP when a user tries to login to their account.

if user is not None:
    account_sid = "ACbf48722************07"
    auth_token = settings.TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN
    verify_sid = settings.TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID
    verified_number = settings.VERIFIED_NUMBER

    client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)

        body='Login Otp is: 342085',

What could be going wrong? I cannot seem to find any answers pointing to this error on the internet.


I have updated the API Keys with the test credentails: And now i got this error:

e[34me[49mUnable to create record: The From phone number +1 218 778 3273 is not a valid, SMS-capable inbound phone number or short code for your account.e[0m