django.urls, django.contrib, django.utils and others cannot be imported from source module django

I am getting a ton of yellow lines in my programming saying that they cannot resolve anytihng from django. This surprises me as django cannot find information from itself? How can I fix the import?

my directory after the git clone command

in this instance it seems that my code was being influenced by the project env folder. My folder structure was also off as well. I deleted everything and used git clone and started over and it worked again.

Actually I discovered that my virtual enviornment needed to have django reinstalled. I also upgraded pip. this got rid of the yellow lines.

Side note: Also be aware that there are cases where VSCode will misidentify good code as an error. Do not blindly trust what it tells you as always being true.

When in doubt, run your project to see if you actually get the error that VSCode identifies.