Django using CloudantDB NoSQL- where to add review_id to query?

Hi all,

I have created a website and for db am using remotely IBM Cloudant. So far I have learned Django locally using postgresql, mysql and sqlite (RDBMS), and for this time I am challenging myself with NoSQL db to expand my knowledge.
I have rendered some data in a table, used sentiment analysis to display reviews and there are other simple fundamental options to share feedback/review and registrations. Everything works fine except Bootstrap table that bugs.
However, I stuck with adding review_id in ReviewsView → reviews.html and cannot figure out how to add the id for quering the data by.
Here is the working code I have so far in ReviewsView in

class ReviewsView(TemplateView):
    # model = no local db used
    template_name = 'djangoapp/reviews.html'
    # context_object_name = 
    # extra_context =  

    def get(self, request ):   # <<--- review_id to use here 
        context = {}
        dealer = get_dealers()['body']['rows']
        review = get_reviews()['body']['rows']
        if review is not None or review != "":
            context['reviews'] = review
            for i in context['reviews']:
                value = i['doc']   # dict
                # print(value)
                conv = json.dumps(value)
                # print(conv)  # str
                sentiment = analyze_review_sentiments(conv)
                return render(request, "djangoapp/reviews.html", {"data": context['reviews'], "analyse": sentiment})
    # From here I would like to create and make relation between Dealers column ID and Reviews column Dealership
        for deal in dealer:
            for dk, dv in deal['doc'].items():
                if dk == "id":
        for rev in review:
            for rk, rv in rev['doc'].items():
                if rk == "dealership":
        # Tested to check matching IDs, but stuck with review_id 
        import numpy as np                          
        test = np.intersect1d(dct_r, dct_d)
        return render(request, "djangoapp/reviews.html", {})

Here is the github repo:

I appreciate any advice and hint or even solution.

Kind regards,