Enquiry on GSoC 2021

Hello everyone,

My name is Kiran Baby, I am a Fourth year B-tech student currently undergoing my studies in Kerala Technological University(Ktu). I am new to open source, but i am familiar with building web applications in django. I would really like to participate in GSoC 2021. I have already gone through the tutorials on the django website and also have ran the unittest in my system, but i am really intimidated by just looking at the code and i really don’t know where to get started. So, can anyone please guide me in the correct path. And i also would like to know what type of proposals can i make so that i can get into GSoC.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you experienced members in the community.

Hi @kiranbaby14 - Welcome.

GSoC is on my list for the next week or so. (Org applications open soon…)

My advice is to pick a small bit of the framework and focus on that. (There’s a lot of source code, so it really can be overwhelming if you try to grasp it all at once.)

If you go to the issue tracker, you can filter tickets by Component. That’s much more addressable than looking at the full list of all open tickets. Here’s an example filter narrowed down to the staticfiles component. That gives you 21 open tickets, rather than ≈1000. (Try filtering by the other components. See if you can work out roughly where the code is in the repo for a couple of them.)

Find an area you like, or are interested in. Spend some time looking at a ticket or two and seeing if you can understand them. This takes time. There’s no instant route in. You do need to stay with an issue for a while to be able to understand it. That’s normal.

Then if you can find a ticket that interests you, and you can get a grasp on a solution, then you can put together docs or tests or code for a fix.

And if you have specific questions on a particular issue we can try to help.

If you look at the Wiki page for last year’s GSoC you’ll see some general advice that continues to apply. The format is a bit shorter this year, so we’re expecting issues from the tracker to be the first port of call for ideas.

Hope that helps you get started.

Welcome aboard! :sailboat:


Thank u @carltongibson, for giving your valuable response to my doubts, it means a lot to me. I would definitely try to start and learn from the advices that you have given me :hugs: .