Feedback / Thanks @KenWhitesell and Community

First, I apologize for the forum spam. Every social media channel I saw you on required some paid subscription to message you directly. I thought I would come to the least traffic part of the django forum and take the time to make some broader comments about the community.

I’ve been trying to learn django for about 4 months now off and on, and every damn time I have some weird / obscure quirk with my application, I have about 3-5 forum posts here that not only solve my issue, but are without exception answered by a very patient Ken Whitesell.

So I not only did I want to thank him for passively helping me learn this system, but also the broader community for being so open, and accepting to new users. The collective work in the documentation, and the information within these forums, has helped me tremendously. I’ll hopefully be able to show some of my work in the near future once I get the few details ironed out.

Best regards and happy coding,
#edited for readablitiy