Appreciation Post

I hope this is an acceptable post but I just wanted to say Thank You to the Django community. This includes the Django project and it’s contributors, the DSF, those who participate in this forum or write blog posts, all the 3rd party libraries I get to use every day, and anyone else who has had or currently has anything to do with this project.

The reason I am posting this is there has recently been a push in my company towards low code tools from various vendors. The applications developed in these tools are presented as MVP or proof-of-concept. We all know the POC becomes the permanent solution.

Thanks to the Django ecosystem, I can produce a POC almost of quickly, if not quicker, than these tools. I also know this POC is built on a solid foundation that can be used to safely expand in functionality.

So thank you, everyone. I sincerely appreciate all of your effort. You were amazing people.