GitHub Maintainer Month

Hello :wave:
GitHub has organised that this May is Maintainer Month:
I just wanted to highlight it and ask if we want to use this as an opportunity to promote Django, it’s community and maintainers.

We can add a maintainer story to their library, ask to have the story shared on their podcast or even try to encourage a remote Django sprint on the 5th May (Open Source Friday - Maintainer Month).

I’m happy to submit things and “see what happens” but I want to check if this would need approval :+1:

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Hey @sarahboyce — no extra approval needed I’d say — you’re already on the Triage and Review team — who’re we’re going to ask? :sweat_smile: — If you’ve got bandwidth to submit something, please do — it sounds good.


Just to update, been invited to the GitHub maintainer community which has discussions with other maintainers on things such as “How do you make folks who sponsor your open source projects feel valued?” and GitHub organises workshops such as “Onboarding new contributors & investing in new maintainers”. If anyone wants to be invited to that, you can request to join here: Maintainer Community

Otherwise I got invited to talk on a open source podcast, if anybody has interesting perspectives around the work they do in open source I would reach out and you can be a guest :grinning:
If anybody wants to hear my ramblings, you can listen here: