GSoC 2020 introduction and Project idea

Hello everyone,

I am Arzoo, a fifth-year student at the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur pursuing Computer Science & Engineering (Dual-Degree). I am looking for GSoC 2020 and for the same, I have a proposal in my mind.

Proposal: Improvements and enhancements to the website

A community website plays an important role in an open-source organization because it spreads the idea of offerings that the community provides, their precious contributions, their skills, their members, etc. So, my project will aim to increase the usability and easiness for all the open-source contributors by improving and enhancing the Django Software Foundation website for developers, newcomers as well as for other organizations. The major focus of this project is to enhance the architecture of the website by introducing new pages like projects and further grouping them into completed, active and archived, past GSoC students (their projects, their mentors, status of their projects), FAQs in different languages, mentors, admins, documentation, filters for projects, newcomer invitation form, feedback form, etc… As well as, redesigning and restructure of the existing website and making it responsive so that it looks good on different devices.

I will use these technologies - Django, python, Jekyll, HTML, javascript, Angular JS.

Looking forward to precious feedback.

I can also give a detailed proposal.

Thanks & Regards,



I totally agree with the concept. I would also love to make some contributions to a fully furnished community site that the users need.

The idea is great. I would even be glad to make contributions for the project.