GSOC Beginner with a full-time Job

Hello fellow peeps :wave: , I am a full time software developer and a beginner at GSOC and since this time its open for all to participate , I would love to contribute to the Django community since I’ve been using it extensively from last 2-3 years.
I would need some tips on how I can be a part of GSOC successfully along with a full time job ?
Hoping to hear from the community.


Hi @siddhant95 :wave:

…along with a full time job…

I guess the question would be, how would find the time to give to the project, and how would you show that that would be possible?

My concern would be that you’d not be able to… — it’s quite a big commitment. :grimacing:

Hey @carltongibson :wave:

Totally appreciate you taking out time and replying on the query. I love how clear and straight your answer is.
Can you elaborate a bit more on what factors/features of GSOC make it not being manageable with a full time job ? Since this time

  1. GSOC is for working professionals as well
  2. There are half time and full time projects.

They’ve made it a bit easier for folks like us who want to be a part of GSOC but couldn’t contribute due to professional commitments. I would love to know more about this as it will help me plan and do better.


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Well… :slight_smile:

It’s just that it’s a lot of work — I think the projects are scoped at 350 and 175 hours — so the question is finding that, and having suitable energy for it, on top of a full time job. Maybe it’s possible but the concern is that it’s not realistic.

Maybe having left education, you’d be better equipped — I don’t know — students sometimes don’t know about working… :smile: — But you’d need to outline exactly how you’d be able to commit to the project in your proposal — to demonstrate that it would be feasible.