Beginner for GSOC?

Hi y’all.
I am currently teaching myself coding by building my first simple Django app.
Before I’ve only had a little bit of experience with web scraping in Python (mostly hobby projects).

The past days I’ve started to make my first steps into contributing to Django by creating a few tickets and help triaging.
I feel that I could probably contribute to the documentation.
But looking at the ideas for GSOC they seem quite overwhelming for me.

Although I know that we should come up with our own ideas, I am tempted to ask what a rather “medium or easy” project could look like.
Would such an entry level project even make sense in that case?

I was wondering if there are only 175h projects and 350h projects?
Or are there more categories?

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Hi @Sammeeey :wave:

The sizes are laid-down by GSoC: essentially they’re short and long.
They’re meant to substantial: I don’t think GSoC is really targeting smaller Just solve a ticket type projects — it’s meant to take the summer after all… :slight_smile:

The idea is that you dig-in and really learn something. I know it can seem intimidating but… well… dig-in! :smile:

If you’re truly a beginner then maybe it’s too much, but normally it’s CS students — is that you? — so why not?

I would think the Benchmarking, Per-instance Lookups, Database-level Cascades, and Rate-Limiting projects would all be addressable with a bit of investigation.


Thank you for the answer @carltongibson. :v:

I don’t have a CS background.

Therefore I think I’ll need some more time to find my way into Django and web development in general.
But since you’ve just accepted my ticket in the tracker I’ll have a look and try to solve it for now.

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Hey @Sammeeey

Me neither :slightly_smiling_face: — I did philosophy… I don’t mean to put you off with the CS mention — more that most GSoC applicants are doing CS… The real measure there is whether you’re coding skills are there, and beyond that your problem solving skill — which are not at all limited by study area.

You’re already coding, so maybe… — only you can say.

Happy to consult on your ticket. If you wanted to dig in and see about enabling the cached template loader in development, that would be a good change. (It’s on my hit list.)

If you were able to do that, and you had the time to commit to GSoC, I don’t see why you couldn’t take on a project: most problems need time/love/energy/thought but they’re not often hard to the point of being intractable. The reason most issues aren’t resolved is lack of time. (And yes, some are genuinely difficult.)


Kind Regards,


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Thank you @carltongibson.

I’ll take some minutes every day to dig in there.
Once I have a basic understanding and maybe some ideas, I’d be glad to get your feedback.

What’s the best way to arrange the consultation?

Kind Regards,

You can ping me here, or open a draft PR on GitHub if you prefer. :+1:

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Greeting here! I’m steve from cameroon and i’m really new to this.

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