GSOC Per field-instance lookups

Hi everyone!

I have had some experience with Django before, but I have never contributed to an open source project before. The per-instance lookups idea page for GSOC caught my eye, but I’m a bit overwhelmed at what I should do to get started. Does anyone have any tips or contacts to help on my journey? What should some of my first steps be to working towards GSOC? Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help is appreciated!

Hi @bzhu9 :wave:

To begin you need to be up on the existing per-class registration API:

  1. Lookup API Reference | Django Documentation | Django
  2. How to Write Custom Lookups | Django Documentation | Django

Dig into the source and find where it’s implemented. (Follow the links to the original ticket and PR.)

Then look through the comments on this ticket, and draft PR:

  1. #29799 (Allow Registration and Unregistration of Lookups Per Field Instances.) – Django
  2. Fixed #29799 – Allowed Registration and Unregistration of Lookups Per Field Instances. By Cansarigol · Pull Request #11408 · Django/Django

At that point you should have some ideas as to how an implementation might look. (In addition to the lookup on the class, we’d need a per-instance store that would be checked too.)

Then, check out the contributing guide to make sure you’re up to speed. Getting going with the Unit Tests is a good practical starting point.

I hope that helps.

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