GSoD2020 - Applicant

Greetings Everyone,

These are tough times for everyone but I sincerely hope you are all doing great and are safe.
Introducing myself, my name is Muhammad Arslan and I reside in Pakistan. Contributing towards the documentation for opensource organizations has become my hobby since I first participated in the GSoD19 program.

This year, I was introduced to Django from the list of organizations participating in GSoD2020. After looking at the overview of Django and Project Proposal, I have decided to work on the proposed project and contribute towards making Contribution Guide more user friendly.

I have chosen to work on this project because previously, I have worked with other open-source organization on similar projects and now want to contribute towards making Information Architecture of Contributor Guide more clear and easy to read. I hope you would find me a suitable candidate for the task.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you experienced members of the community. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest. Interested to see what ideas you might have.
The contributing guide is great but people find it intimidating so we’re hoping for some help with that.

Kind Regards,