Looking for a mentor

I am Shalini, a 3rd year B.tech UG student. I started using django as a framework at the beginning of this year. I am new to open source contribution world, but ut fascinates me. I would like to start contributing and therefore need a mentor to help me walk through. I find myself lost. I would appreciate a lot if somebody can help me.
Thank you

Hi @shalini-bhandari — sorry for the slow reply. Welcome!

First step is to check out the Contributing Guide. — There’s a lot there, so you don’t have to internalise it all at once, but browse about to get a little feel, and then bookmark the pages you find most interesting.

I always think getting up and running with the unit tests is a good place to start.

If it’s writing code you’re looking at, there are some good resources on the introductory page about that.

Hopefully that gets you going.

Kind Regards,