How to install a django project from github

Hi, I am quite new to Django and recently I have built a simple web app using a book by William Vincent as guidance. I am trying to install a Django project from a github repo GitHub - venugopalkadamba/Face_Verification_based_Attendance_system: Face Verification based Attendance system, developed using Django, OpenCV and face_recognition API. but it is giving me errors. Could anyone please educate me on how to install a project from github? Thank you in advance.

There is no “One Way” to install and run projects from github.

You do need to clone the project to your local computer. But after that, it’s up to the project to document how it needs to be installed, configured, and run.

A quick look at this project gives me the impression that you’ll want to set up a separate virtual environment for it, since it’s based on Python 3.6 / Django 3.0. It appears as if there may be some system level libraries that will need to be installed as well.

My best suggestion would be to find some other documentation (paper, blog post, article, etc) that may provide more information as to how this is put together.

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Thank you very much, sir. I will try to look more into this project and try to figure out how it can be installed.