Uploading Django project to GitHub

I am very new to Django and do not quite understand how to manage my project on GitHub.

First of all, which files do I need to keep in my project repository and how does the project need to be structured in it?

Secondly, in what format shall I upload the project data from my MySQL database? And do I need to upload it to GitHub at all? If yes, then where and how should this file be kept within the repository?

Here is the link to my repository: GitHub - irinakulinich3712/english_courses_app

I would be thankful for reviewing it and giving your suggestions

Your repo looks fine to me. Whatever structure works for you is good.

Regarding data - whether you include all, or parts of it, is entirely up to you. All GitHub provides is a repository for current and previous versions of files.

We create a top-level ‘data’ directory for holding static/system data. (That’s data that must exist within all instances of the database for the system to be functional.) Within that directory, we have a ‘fixtures’ directory for yaml / json files being loaded via the loaddata command. We also create an ‘sql’ directory for database elements being imported as sql statements. (This would include things like stored procedures, user-defined functions, and triggers.)

These directories are kept within our gitlab repo.

User-managed data, such as User accounts or blog posts - data that isn’t required by the system itself, and is likely going to be different for each installation - is not stored in the repo. We perform database backups to save that.