I want to build a food ordering app. Existing open-source project?

A friend of mine has a pizza place, and I can clearly see that he has a need for a food ordering app.
Before I will have started doing it from scratch I want to check for some open-source projects - which I didn’t really find. But I found some (django based) open-source e-commerce sites and thought about adjusting one of those to my needs.

So my question is - did any one of you have a similar project and maybe can offer some advice? If I won’t find anything in the nearest future I will just create a drf project from scratch I guess.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t see how this is related to Django.

If you really wanna a build food ordering app this may help you .
link = https://youtu.be/Q-mIGwpKp8M

I did this: first I found a good guide on creating a food delivery application and went through all the points so as not to miss anything. I took all the information here how to make food delivery app.