What is this forum based on? Is it django? Is it open sourced?

I think tutorials and a real project has a great gap between each other, maybe a source code of a forum like this is a great place to learn from. Is its source code friendly to a newbie?

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The forum uses Discourse, which is written in Ruby on Rails.

Sad, why not Django? Is there no project like this?

Check out https://misago-project.org/
Github url: https://github.com/rafalp/Misago


Thank you for your link, seems great. I had a look at the code and wondering why is it structured like that? All the Misago apps are in one misago folder, aren’t they should be in separate folders?
And where should I start to read ?

The apps are in nested modules. I personally prefer this approach too, since it makes it clear what imports belong to the project.

See this long forum discussion on apps: Why do we need apps?

Can’t say I know anything about Misago, but I like starting with the URLconf to get a grip on a new project: https://github.com/rafalp/Misago/blob/master/misago/urls.py

Hope that helps!

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Maybe you’re interested in reading the source code for the Django Project. Not the source code for the framework, but the website.