Installation of Requests

Hello, everyone,
I recently started with django - and I am absolutely thrilled - but also a complete beginner.

I wrote a small WebCrawler in pyCharm with the module “requests”. Now I would like to run the application in my Django (standard setup - on local Django web server) server.

I get the following error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘requests’

If I install the module in the Mac console (python -m pip install requests) - nothing changes …

Where do I have to install the module? Thanks for your help - even with such a (simple) question: /

It needs to be installed in the exact same virtual environment as you are using for Django.

Hallo KenWhitesell,
should that be here then?


I woouldn’t know - is that the environment in which you’re doing your Django development? If so, then yes, activate that environment and then pip install requests.

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