kepi - an ActivityPub server

I’ve been working for about a year on an ActivityPub server called kepi. As implemented, it works as a microblogging system, but eventually I want to separate the generally useful bits off into separate modules. My hope is that it can be used to add ActivityPub capabilities to many other Django systems.

ActivityPub is the system used by Mastodon and other “fediverse” to federate social media posts. The idea is that other users on other servers can not only see when you post things, as with Atom, but also interact with them: "like"ing, sharing, replying, and so on.

I would really appreciate some help with code review, and collaboration on bugfixing. I’m building a demo site but there’s still work to do before it’s generally usable.

kepi also speaks Mastodon’s own protocol, so that it can be used with Mastodon apps.

(The project was previously known as chapeau, and that name appears in some URLs.)

Source here.

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Looks very cool! I’m definitely interested to see where this project goes

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