Learning to use Django for professional Web Application Development

So I was looking for resources on developing applications in Django and there are a tonne of tutorials on YouTube and of course Django has their own tutorial which you can follow. I was however a little disappointed at how simplistic these tutorials were and how they didn’t offer much in terms of customisation.

This was when I turned to look for books on Python and Django. I was very pleased when I found and purchased a book called Django for Professionals, by William S. Vincent. I read through the book and followed the examples as I read and I must say I was so impressed by how clear and concise the examples were that I decided to share it here with the community.

Here is a link to download the book
Django For Professionals


I haven’t read @wsvincent’s book (yet!), but his website content is top-notch. He posts tons of Django content at https://wsvincent.com/. Will also has a site specifically devoted to learning Django at … drumroll… https://learndjango.com/. You might find those resources useful too.

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And I’ll toss in another shoutout for Mr Vincent, who, with Mr Gibson, produce the Django Chat podcast. While not strictly speaking a tutorial, they do talk about all things Django and are worth a try.

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Thanks Ken! I’ll give the podcast a listen. I’m really enjoying Django and I want to move into working with it professionally