What are the best tutorials out there to master Django?


I am a DE. I started with Django couple of months back, with the end goal of developing full stack apps for personal projects (perhaps starting with Django, moving then to other frameworks to integrate like React, etc).

I followed many tutorials, starting from the one in the official documentations, to some advanced courses out there with really great resources (interactive lessons, incrementally building the codebase, etc).

Though I really enjoyed them, I still feel at level 0. I have no idea on how to structure a proper project, with proper testing, logging, and best practices. I find frustrating that I can’t find anything to advance in that: most of the materials which I find are related with building blogs, which is not my interest, and most of them have a massive use of bootstrapped templates (I like the idea of bootstrap, but in most of the cases templates are all done, which doesn’t teach me anything).

I am seeking for any guideline: do you have any resource that you can share, or list of recommended steps, to reach an advanced level in Django?

Any recommendation would be gold! books, documentations, or any material that could enable me in being autonomous in building an app e2e.

Thank you!

I have always recommended the combination of the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial as the absolute best places to get started. They really do teach you all the necessary fundamentals.

For going beyond that, I recommend people reference the Awesome Django page for a curated list of quality resources.

But if you’re thinking that there’s a lot to learn beyond that, well, there really isn’t. If you’ve gotten to the point where you understand what everything is doing in those tutorials, there’s not much more that you need to be shown. (If desired, you may want to dig a lot deeper into Python itself to acquire a more detailed understanding of how some things work - but that doesn’t need to be done right away.)

What you really need to keep in mind is that those tutorials and the examples in the docs show you what can be done - but you are not limited to what’s shown as being the only things that can be done. It’s the starting point, not the ending point.


Many thanks for sharing the resources!

Indeed, I think my side what is “blocking” me is the inexperience with web frameworks and perhaps the urge of building something cool, with exhaustive knowledge, which I don’t have :grin:. But it will take time I guess.

Thank you, will start with the Django Girls Tutorial you suggested and then let’s see!

  1. zappycode.com
  2. Django Beats