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Hello All, I want to know which Django book is good for beginner level, I want to purchase them and I have checked on amazon but it’s showing lots of stuff. I am totally confused to choose the right one. Can anyone tell me best author name?

Two Scoops of Django really great. It’s got loads of practical stuff that goes past just the tutorials and more into how to use Django to actually make something.

As a beginner, I would actually start with the free resources. The official Django Tutorial is quite good, along with the Django Girls tutorial (which is also quite good).

If you really want something hardcopy, I can recommend Hello Web Books. (The ebook versions are available as well as printed versions.)

Most importantly, what you want to look for are recent books on current releases. Anything written for Django 1.x is, in my opinion, going to be dangerously bad and out-of-date. That should help narrow the field greatly. If it doesn’t say it’s for Django 2 (at least) or Django 3, then I wouldn’t buy it.

I’ll also second the big thumbs-up for Two Scoops of Django (I now own 4 different copies for 4 different versions of Django - they’ve done a fantastic job of revising it over the past few years.) I’m not sure though I’d necessarily recommend it as a beginner’s book. I treat it more as a compendium of “Best Practices” - some of which may not make sense unless you’ve already encountered some of the topics they discuss outside the context of the book.


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Will Vincent, a Django author, maintains a select list of books that are up to date:

His “Django for beginners” is good for beginners. “Django crash course” is a pretty quick onboarding though I think you’d be best trying one of the tutorials Ken referenced first. I think “Two scoops” is worth reading at any level, and rereading as you learn more since it’s packed with useful hints.

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Hi Arjun,

I am a python developer from past three years of experience, So I would recommend to practice things from the you tube rather then reading a books. Books are also helpful but from my perspective they are just important for learning things only, but when you need some practice and good hands on these languages or framework while building web development application.

  1. Django for APIs
  2. Two Scoops of Django
  3. Django for Professionals

Want to read more about these books, why only these three, follow this link (

Well if you are the one who is looking to learn Django then I think lots of articles, blogs and contents are available over the internet. Lots of learning platforms also published the same article which is also effective and efficient for better learning. Having the best online as well as offline coaching classes and best study material like important notes from seniors and quality books and other resources are one of the best and enough for a good start. Selection of books also plays the most important role for better learning of Django.

Well I had seen this post over the internet where the author published detailed information on this.

I hope it will help you.