Looking for a django mentor

Hi all,

New to the forum and django as well. I have some basic knowledge in python and would like to start web development with django or any other web frameworks. Trying to understand django for the last two weeks and not progressing as expected. Need someone to guide/initiate me in the right direction.

Pls help

Whenever anyone is looking to get started, I always point them to the official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial. Both are really good and if you work(*) through them, you’ll have worked with all the key concepts of what Django has to offer.

(* Footnote: “work” in this context means to actually type the code as part of the exercises, not to just copy/paste from the text to your editor window. Making yourself type the code forces you to really look at the code being written, and will enhance your understanding of what’s going on. Also, the typo mistakes you will make along the way will help develop your eye for seeing similar mistakes you may make in the future.)



Thanks for the message @KenWhitesell

Much appreciated!

I think the Django Girls Tutorial is outdated. I read the page where it will teach you how to install Django and found out it’s for Django 2.2.4

Technically Django 2.2 is a “Long Term Support” release. So it’s still valid from that perspective. And, while it should be updated, the core principles it teaches are still valid. I can’t think of anything they teach that has been deprecated as far as 3.1 is concerned. (But that’s just an impression and not an assurance.)

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I found this traversy media youtube video v.helpfull https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1IyzVyrLSU&t=162s