Looking for a mentor - Contributing to Django

my name is Nico and I’d like to contribute to Django. I am working with Django for a few years now, but I still find it hard to start contributing to the codebase. I am struggling to find a ticket, that I can work on. It seems like the tickets, that are open right now are for pretty hardcore Django internals. I’ve read all the guides on how to start contributing.
I’d be glad if somebody would help me starting my journey of contributing.
Regards, Nico.

Hi Nico. Welcome.

Yes, it can be difficult. There aren’t a lot of easy first tickets to get started on.

Most of the tickets now require a bit of time to really work out what’s going on. So, my first advice is to pick one that interests you, and then spend the time it takes to understand it. You’ll learn a lot doing this.
(It’s like a puzzle, or a detective story — the challenge is to solve it.)

The other thing to think about is beginning contributing to one of the third-party packages that you use, or one of the Jazzband projects — there are lots of issues that need solving. Maybe one of those will be more approachable to begin.

But, in any case, I think you need to be prepared to spend some time coming to understand the issue — I don’t know many/any? projects that have a ready list of trivial issues, so it’s always the same problem… — the trick is to dig-in, and have fun, and know that, after a while looking at it, you will the world expert on that problem, and best able to solve it.

I hope that helps.

Kind Regards,


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