need help with experience

Nobody needs juniors in my country, I want to raise my level to the intermediate level in django is it possible and where to start if it is possible give advice

I think there are two possibilities:

  1. You can join an open source project. The good of this is that you will have very good design patters, you will learn to code in team, the bad side is that in quality projects you need a lot of expertise in order to keep the project’s standard.

  2. Make an privete o public project that solves some local problem. My first real app was a Student Information System that helped a lot of handle made bureaucracy on a school were my wife works. You can look for an organization that shares a value with you and help them to automate something. Just look for a serious place, were they can give you a recommendation letter.

The best approach is combine both, see open source projects, understand their best practices and use them in your project, at the end you will have a very good experience.

PS: In my case I use my first app as my university social service, a requirement in my country to graduate from a degree, and after that I could sell a modification of the project. In software everything can be recycled, so it was three birds with one stone.