Not able to go to a particular duration in a video in Django

Not able to go to a particular duration in a video in Django. Could anyone assist please!

Please be more specific about what you’re trying to achieve.
What are you currently doing?
What exactly is working / not working with what you’ve tried so far?
How are you trying to do it?

I uploaded a long duration video which is around 1 hour. Now I am not able to seek to a particular time in that video.

E.g. I want to watch the video at 30 Minute 0 Second. But I couldn’t!

Uploaded to where?

What does this have to do with Django?

If you’re looking for assistance here, you’re really going to need to take the time and properly explain what the problem is, what you’ve tried, and what’s not working.

I uploaded the video file to the index.html web page in my Django project.
And not able to seek to a particular time in the video while I’m running my Django Project.

My requirement is “I need to go to a particular duration in the uploaded video.”

And Just Now I found a solution to it.
YouTube Link how to upload video in Django properly // skip video in Django - YouTube

This solution worked for me.

So, rather than this solution is there any other solution?

There are many different ways to store and play videos - along with different ways of displaying videos on the client. Each combination has different ways of handling this particular situation.

Could you provide solution to it!

Solution to what? I got the impression from your previous response that the video you referenced solved your original issue.

You told there are different ways to play videos. I don’t want to stop with one solution that I had now. I’d like to explore the other solutions also. When I Googled my issue I didn’t find even one reference solution to my issue.

But that YouTube video I found it while I was search for AI in Django.

Sorry, that’s way too large and broad a topic to be covered here. I can only suggest you keep searching, remembering that Django is not the only tool capable of serving video - and may not even be the “best” way to do it under a variety of circumstances.

Okay, Mr. KenWhitesell