Once I've opened a PR, how do I get it merged?

I’ve opened a PR[1] to scratch an admin itch associated with an old ticket. I’d love to see it merged rather than linger, how do I get that in front of someone’s eyes who has a commit bit?

The two Django fellows are paid to keep on top of open tickets. Additionally, there are many people CC’d on the ticket, myself included, so many more who will probably take a look. There’s generally no need to “bump” PRs in Django - if there’s interest and capacity, your PR will be looked at.

Just FYI there’s django-extensions show_urls` command.

If there was a vote I’d be -1 just because adding new commands further increases the maintenance burden when there is already a widely used solution out there.

My rationale for making this change is that the listing of the URLs in a project should be a core feature, rather than an extension.

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Actually David Smith reminded me there was a thread on this a few months back that I actually voted +1 on - how time flies and we forget when we’re busy: