Online Sprints - Who's interested?

I think Discord would be a good playground to get thing done quickly imo.

I’m interested pls, I want to learn more and offer myself to anything related to python/Django.

Pls add me up:

Github link: Blaise-93 (Ejikeme Blaise) · GitHub

Thank you

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  1. I know @pauloxnet was interested in hosting a physical version of this. And the Djangonaut Space organizers would likely try to have someone there because this will dovetail nicely with a broader initiative we have to help interest and motivate folks to contribute to the community. I can’t commit to helping organize this though.

  2. I’ve got nothing here. Discourse wanted a bullet point.

  3. It could coincide with the sprints of DjangoCon US (Oct) or DjangoCon Africa (Nov). Or both.

  4. I’d be happy to help lead folks for working on the debug toolbar. There are some bugs and new issues that could we could use help with.


I’m interested! (cc @shangxiao think you might be too!)

  1. Very happy to help (attend/promote/encourage but maybe not lead)
  2. Agree that Discord makes sense, and then if it doesn’t work as well as we’d like we can try something else :slight_smile:
  3. 24 hour event is a nice idea. I like that it covers all time-zones and people could join and leave when they like. Perhaps best to be maintainer driven as to what day makes sense (e.g. maybe Django would be better outside the release period but would check with the fellows)

Thank you for picking this up :star:


I’m also interested, and would be happy run an accessibility focused team, especially if I can wrangle @thibaudcolas and/or @sabderemane into helping.

As Sarah says I’m also a bit concerned about the timing of doing this right now as we’re past code freeze for 5.0, would be interested to get the input of @felixxm and @nessita on this.


I am in no rush to do something right now, rather I would see it as beneficial to take our time (but not too much so nothing happens) to put in place documentation & processes that would make it fairly easy to host an online sprint in future.

For example, if Discord does work out for us, investing automation around a bot to create relevant channels for a period and then shut them down afterwards, having documentation on what’s expected/required from an organiser etc.

We did this at Djangocon Europe for django-cms and it worked really well with a mix between people in Edinburgh and people remote.

  1. I’m always interested in getting involved. Always struggle to pick up django tickets, but can pick up bits or help out if people need support or extra people on things.

  2. A Discord channel makes most sense for discussion as there’s lots of the community there. It was also very useful for us to have visibility of what everyone was working on. Github project boards were good for this. But won’t work so well for django due to the disconnect of tickets. Maybe another place for a kanban board?

  3. A 24 hour event would work well for me. Working around my kids generally means I’m coding at all sorts of hours of the day.

  4. If anybody is interested, django-sql-explorer could do with some attention. I’ve also been meaning to create the successor to django-bleach using the nh3 library. I’ve not got far with django-nh3 yet though. And there’s also a new project to get building to have a configurable Rich Text Editor interface with a django-cms v4 application so we don’t enforce the javascript editor.


I’m interested too!

Tom has already said what I had in mind, happy to help on the accessibility focused team.

I agree with what was already said for the timing, when it should be and the platform to use. I’m also happy to help, I’m not sure to be able to lead too but I will spread the word :smiley:

I suppose the only thing we’ll be missing is the gong? Haha


I’m interested, time permitting. :+1:

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If we get a skeleton of going and a list of planned features, maybe we could co-host a Hacktober sprint on the 14th (or some day in mid-October). I also have no idea how it would work, but it would give us 3 weeks to figure it out.

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I’m keen :)​​​​​​​​​

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Just as a reminder of unknown relevance, DjangoCon US is the week of the 15th. That might not be the best week to try and schedule that.

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Oh, right. Well, I don’t have anything scheduled all month really, so the week before or after also works for me :slight_smile:

Oct 19th and 20th (Thu and Fri) are sprint days for DjangoCon US. There’s already the Testathon for the Friday. I’m happy to throw a slide in our DjangoCon US loudswarm area to advertise a virtual sprint, but my deadline to get that in is Sept 25. cc: @nanorepublica

Hope I’m not too late on this!

Let’s give it a try across both sprint days and make it clear that it’s a trial run of Discord as a platform, so it will be fairly casual.

I have created a quick form to collect some details:


It’s in the slides for DjangoCon US’s virtual conference. You’re committed now!

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A quick tag of those who have replied to this topic please fill in the form if you want to be involved on the 19th/20th October.

@thibaudcolas @sabderemane @markwalker @CodenameTim @Blaise-93 @shangxiao

Hi there, I have not received any invite yet via discord. Please post it here if you have created it. Thank you.

Hi Blaise, Feel free to just use the link on the in the sidebar under ‘Get Help’

I’m interested in as well! Please add me to the discord. Where can I find the issues to help out with?

Just sent you an email with details :slight_smile: