Status of 5.0 alpha release.

Hello everyone!

I’m in the process of preparing the next Django feature freeze and related 5.0 alpha release, which are scheduled for next Monday (see the roadmap for more details). This is my first feature freeze and alpha release so please let me know if you see something odd or that needs correction.

There are plenty of great features being delivered in Django 5.0, with no pending release blockers as of today (thank you @felixxm and others for all your work sorting these out!).

Also, there are a few “new feature” PRs that are unclear whether they will land in time for next Monday, if you have a specific PR you would like to see prioritized, please let us know! (a comment in the PR mentioning me would do).

Many thanks to contributors from all over the world :globe_with_meridians:

Cheers, Natalia.


The roadmap mentions this point:

  • Attend a sprint (in person or in IRC).

I know we don’t IRC much anymore (I believe there are still a few diehards on there though) but are we still doing online sprints? If so how do I find out when they’re happening? As someone who is quite far from Europe & the Americas sprinting online is pretty much the only option for me :sweat_smile:

Great question! Sadly, I don’t have the answers but I would love to know. Shall we take this to the Django Internals category where most people can also post?

Thank you!


are we still doing online sprints?

I think we don’t, we only have django sprints from DjangoCons but @pauloxnet wanted to relaunch them if I’m not mistaken.

If so how do I find out when they’re happening?

There was a PR or at least a discussion to add all meetup groups around the world on, I imagine we could have something similar but depends where we register all django sprints.
I think it could be interesting to see with some organisers if it could be hosted in physical or get some help to organise the online version

I imagine the Discord server could be an excellent place to host any online sprints. I have no idea what’s required, but happy to help as a mod on Discord where I can.

Hello everyone!

Django 5.0 beta 1 has been released:

Thank you Mariusz for reminding me that today was release day! :scream:

Mental note: do not plan for a release right after DjangoCon :unicorn:


Hello everyone!

Django 5.0 release candidate 1 has been released:


Hello everyone!

Django 5.0 final has been released: