Original and Excellent Django Tutorial / Docs?

Back in 2012, I read the Django documentation and it was the best documentation I have ever read. It really changed my life, frankly.

What I remember about it was that it walked through the process of building a web application from first principles, explaining what the initial approaches were (Perl CGI scripts), why those approaches had drawbacks, how those drawbacks were addressed, what the next approaches were, and so on.

It was a fantastic walk-through that started with the big picture and explained why Django was doing what it did. It was really well-written by an obviously intelligent person.

I’ve just looked at the Django documentation page again and I can’t find a version of those brilliant docs that I read.

Maybe I’m misremembering and it was a book?

Please help me locate a current version of those fantastic docs that I read in 2012! Thanks.

This sounds a lot like Chapter 1: Introduction to Django — Django Book 0.1 documentation, which IIRC was not the “official” documentation. (Or, you may be visualizing what it used to look like - which can be seen here: https://web.archive.org/web/20111130173233/http://www.djangobook.com:80/)

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