Political Tools in Django

Djangonauts have opinions and they like to defend them: it’s not rare to see them actively engaged in causes they cherish.

Welcome in this Show & Tell topic about the political tools written in Django !

I can start with a couple I have made:

  • django-decision app: a delegative democracy implementation, uses WITH RECURSIVE feature of SQL, it is nice if you need a decision making feature that will scale for a LOT of decisions and users in your Django website
  • memopol project citizen lobbying weapon: a database of assemblies, representatives, votes, comissions, and so on. An activist group such as La Quadrature can host an instance and synchronize with EU Parl (with Parltrack), and French Senate and Assembly (with FranceData), and they can rate the poll options to calculate the scores of political representatives and help with campaign targeting and the likes. The big idea is that representatives with a high score are allies, those with low scores will never agree, but those with around 0 score are those who should still be open to discussion and that might change the vote balance to the decisive point. This is a tool that initially was written in Perl and that allegedly made possible the win at EU Parl against ACTA by EDRI & LQDN heroes !

What about you ?!

How did you use Django to partake in political hacktivism ?

Looking forward to read some stories !

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