Proposal to change Django documentation translation release flow

During the release of Django 4.2 I realized that the updated strings for translation were not present in the “django-docs” project on Transifex.

This flow does not allow translated documentation to be available on the website the day the new version of Django is released.

Those who do not understand English will therefore not be able to read, for example, the release notes of the new version, unlike those who understand English.

I propose to update the flow and allow the translation of the new version of Django documentation and especially the release notes before the release of a new version of Django.

All I can say is that it would be really complicated, as it requires changes in the Transifex configuration and probably a complete rewrite of our well established process of updating docs. Currently, only docs for a stable release receive translation updates (which takes hours to rebuild for all languages).

I’m not sure if it’s worth changing this to avoid days (maybe weeks) of delay in translating release notes. I’m skeptical.