python installation

i want to install python zip tar file.
how?in windows xp.

Hi maybe you can download from the main website of

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i have gotten the file.but does not work.
python command in cmd does not work.

Can you be more specific about what it is that you’re trying to install?

Have you put python on your system path while installing python ?

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most version can not be installed in win xp ex.Note that Python 3.6.12 cannot be used on Windows XP or earlier.
so i get earlier version.
not msi.
i have added folder path to environment variables.

but in cmd python not work.

but in cmd python not work.perhabs it has not been installed.just unziped in the folder.

i have download pip file.but not useful.

It looks like Python 3.4.3 is the most recent version of Python that will work on XP. There is an MSI file available for installation.

You’re not going to be able to install Python from source without also installing the compilers, etc that are needed to build it.

Use the MSI.

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i thought msi is a version and python.2.1.1 is another.
so i will test msi.
thanks alot.freinds.