recommended online free "starter" database

Hi everybody

I googled, tested and some more, but found no good solution. Maybe you can help.

Do you have a recommended online free database that plays well with beginner Django sites?

I would like if it was postgres-based, but I guess any other Django-suited database is ok.

Do you have a go to site that just works?

Which ones did you look at that you consider to be “no good solution”?

My searches have identified a couple of options, but I don’t know what issues you may have encountered with what you’ve found so far.

I tried a bunch, but now I got stubborn reading you reply as “it should be easy enough” :slight_smile:
I it working now on which I also found a few guides for.
I could not get the “dumpdata” - change db - “load dumpdata” to work, but that is a small matter right now.
Once again thank you Ken. :+1:

Sorry - I think you misread my reply.

I had seen some references to - and really was just wondering if you had tried it and found some issues. I didn’t want to recommend options that you’ve tried and decided wouldn’t work for you.
(To be explicitly clear, I’ve never used a cloud database. I have always managed my own database servers - going all the way back to DB2 / MVS in the 80s.)