which books to buy

I’m looking to buy 4 books about django.
I created couple of sites (started with tutorials by Corey Schafer).
I’m at a point that I want to get a bit more theoretical knowlage to ramp up my knolage and skills.
there are soooo many books and I wanted to get some feedback from the comunity.
Below are the books I thought of:

  1. Django for APIs: Build web APIs with Python and Django (Welcome to Django)
  2. Django for Professionals: Production websites with Python & Django
  3. Django Design Patterns and Best Practices: Industry-standard web development techniques and solutions using Python, 2nd Edition
    not sure about the 4rth one.
    your guidence, experience and comments are very much appreciated.
    links to the books:

What you want to make sure you check is that the books, whichever ones you choose to buy, are sufficiently current. I don’t think I’d consider buying any book that wasn’t at least as current as Django 3. That would generally mean it needs to have been published in 2020 or later.

you are right to the point,
the first two are about relevant to django 4, which suggest that they at least have been recentlly updated.
I was cunsern about the last one about design paterns being older, (though sais updated) but I’m wondering, how many degign patterns have been changed in the last couple of years
I was also thinking about this book:

The Django api is regularly being improved, and some features do get removed.

My concern would be that either they implement solutions that aren’t necessary because the “issue” being solved has been addressed within Django itself, or that the implementation provided no longer works because they’re using some feature that has been removed.

Not only that but you also have changes to Python itself - same type of situation. You also have the evolution of third party packages to worry about.

(I don’t know anything about that specific book, I have no idea how obsolete it may be. I am by necessity speaking in general terms based upon prior experience with other products and books.)

so, is there any book that you can recommend on? (if that is not an issue with your role here, which I greatly respect)

Sorry, I don’t have any recommendations for books. For some of the reasons behind that, see my post at Absolutely beginner seek resources, please help - #2 by KenWhitesell