Request to join the Portuguese translation team

Hi! I would like to join this team, there are some strings that don’t follow the portuguese guidelines for capitalization (weekday names, month names).

I would like to join too!

Hi mpachas and leandrodesouzadev

Great to hear you are willing to contribute.

Did you already apply to the relevant team(s) in Transifex? If not, then please do that first.

If the team coordinator does not respond within reasonable time (such as a couple of weeks), then report back here in the forum.

Best regards,
Erik Wognsen

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Yeah, i had already applied to transifex, on last friday.
I will wait then!
See ya soon

Hi! I am member of the Spanish translation team. I don’t speak Portuguese but I wanted to fix some wrong translations… maybe you (@leandrodesouzadev) can fix that once you are accepted.

Sure, @mpachas will sure be a good first contribution.

I wish i could join the team too, there is some non translated parts in Django tutorial.

Hey there!
It’s been two weeks since the request submission and no feedback was granted.
The transifex request is still awaiting approval.

Hi Leandro

I don’t have permissions to make any changes myself, but I’ve been on this list long enough to know the procedure.

The regular procedure seems to be that a new coordinator for the given language is needed. Since it seems no existing Portuguese coordinator or member has responded to this thread since April, you could consider if you are willing to be the coordinator (responding to join requests, and making sure someone (yourself and/or team members) keeps the Portuguese translation up to date.

Oh, i see.
I can definitely try.
How does it work?

Sounds good. It needs one of the team managers to step in.

@shaib or @claudep - can you help?

I only see a join request from Leandro to Brazilian Portuguese, not for Portuguese.

Oh, my bad.
Do i need to create a separate topic for this?