Resources to learn Django Rest Framework

I want to learn django rest framework but I am looking for a step by step guide to learn it. I have tried youtube videos & book such as Two Scoops of Django 1.11 but I am finding it difficult to follow. I now plan to go through tutorial on

Please could you recommend any source or book that covers step by step guide? Thank you

In addition to the quickstart, there’s also a full tutorial to help you get off the ground and running.


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Will Vincent has a book on DRF + Django:


I’ve read Will’s Django books on beginner and pro. Both excellent and helped me enormously. I’ve recently purchased his API book, and so far, pretty impressive.

I like the way he writes, and I don’t think in all honesty I would have got very far from just reading the Django documentation, which is hard-core, and intimidating for a noob.

I appreciate the Django documentation, glad they’ve covered all the bases, but it’s vast, and you often end up down areas you wish you hadn’t gone down – yet.