Reverse job board for django deveopers

Learnt Django by building a project

I needed to learn django framework for my job. So I think that the best way is to learn is to do some projects (and this group helped a lot) .

So I made this website called djangodevs. Its a reverse job board for Django developers. Where you create an account as a developer and present your work and then get contacted by businesses for a freelancer gig or a full-time-job.

Check it out and please leave me some feedback to better my skills in django and dont hesitate to message me

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i have seen your site bro it’s so so awesome and nice nothing to say but keep up like that,

but i got one question cause i am learning Django too for work and i am beginner in deploying sites,

I don’t know how can i deploy my site and got a domain like what you have done already

cause i have a site already done with Django and now trying to solve this problem

anyway when i came to deploying this site

on heruko free cluster for example how can i get free domain or do i have to pay or what you have done to got this domain like that,

may i ask you to provide me with some info, i would appreciate that to you really
cause i didn’t do much in deploying and all my projects was still locally tested
anyway thanks a lot bro in advance

My Email in case i won’t login again for a While