deployment steps

I am using Python and build a website and now I want to deploy that with a custom domain but the problem is that I am a complete nube so I am getting confused about how can I deploy that and what steps should I consider while deploying
Like, I built this dynamic website inside a Python virtual environment so there are stacks of unwanted files and folders which I don’t want to update then how to avoid it and what are the security parameters I should be concerned about?
So, help me out with these problems.
If someone has any YT video for that then kindly share it will really helpful

Welcome @cyberpysch!

Your first question to answer will be to determine where and how you’re going to host your site. That needs to be done before you begin searching for resources on how to do the deployment.

Start by reading my comment at Hosting my first Django/React App - #2 by KenWhitesell, then the thread at Django Deploying Help, along with the pages it links to.

… and then feel free to come back and ask further questions as necessary.