Site stalls after awhile Apache wsgi

I have not done much in Django in years, I recently have reasons to start using again. Created a simple site that has lists of IPs and their hostnames for different IP scopes. currently it only has roughly 1000 records… Everything works fine when using runserver, all is quick and responsive. Attempted to move to Apache using wsgi_mod, and at first it seemed to run fine, but after a few moments of swapping around in the pages, it just stalls out. The web browser just sits there spinning (sometimes right after the page loaded) and will not serve pages any longer… Cannot find anything in logs other than when it finally times out. Tried running it from where it is on the “production” server and that still runs with out issue. It also starts working if I restart Apache, but stops again within a minute or so.

What am I missing or what can I do to troubleshoot the issue?

Running Apache 2.4.52 mod_wsgi 4.9.0 Python3.10 Django version 4.2.3.

It sounds like your wsgi web workers could be hanging. I’d make sure you have an Apache timeout configured correctly. When you see the requests time out, you can then investigate what routes are causing your web workers to hang.

Alternatively, it could be something wrong in your Apache configuration. Have you followed the documentation?