Steering Council vote on new Merger (Natalia Bidart)

Hi all,

In accordance with DEP 10, we need to vote on appointing new people as Mergers; as a new Fellow, Natalia Bidart, was appointed by the DSF board shortly before the new Steering Council election began, we technically need to hold a Steering Council vote on granting her Merger access (I may propose in future that Fellows get an exception from this rule and instead the SC is a part of the Fellow hiring process)

The question the @steering_council is voting on is: “Shall Natalia Bidart be granted the role of Merger?”.

Allowable votes from Steering Council members are +1, 0, or -1, and must contain a statement as to the voter’s reasoning. We must reach +3 for the vote to pass; otherwise, we’ll go and work out what the incomplete vote rules mean with only 4 council members.

Voting will be open for one week from today, so until 26th May 2023 at 2:30am UTC.

My vote is +1; I was part of the committee who reviewed resumes and helped select the new Fellow, have every trust in her abilities, and she also clearly needs this access if she is to perform the role we pay her for.

I vote +1 on the nomination to Merger, but we also need a nomination to make Natalia a Releaser.

+1 from me based on the interactions I had with her so far on Trac and Github.

Good point - let’s restart the vote here to be “Shall Natalia Bidart be granted the roles of Merger and Releaser?”

The new ending time of the vote will be 26th May 2023 at 4:00pm UTC.

My vote remains +1, with the same reasoning.

My vote remains +1 as well.

I vote +1 on appointing Natalia as a Merger and Releaser.

@adamchainz Could you please cast your vote? Due to the way the voting works, this isn’t complete until you do (since your vote could still change the outcome).

I vote +1 as well. Natalia is great.

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