Table options for django?

Hello, I am fairly new to django and I love it so far!

My old website written in PHP uses Tabulator for displaying, filtering and searching data from my SQL database.

What are my options for using in django, is there an equivalent to Tabulator? I’ve done a google search but can’t really find anything, what would you use for this functionality?

I’m not aware of any PHP library with that name. Do you have a link to it?

Otherwise, it would be helpful if you posted the actual functionality you have questions about.

All the basic functionality of things like “displaying, filtering, and searching data” are intrinsically part of Django. So I think we’d need you to provide more details about what you’re trying to achieve in order to answer your questions more completely.

Also, as someone new to Django, I strongly encourage you to work your way through either (or both) of the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial.