I want to use Django to retrieve data and provide an insightful reporting dashboard


I’m fairly new to django, and I came across a challenge I felt would make a good django project.

However, before I get into the project, I’m looking for a good django tutorial around retrieving, saving, and updating of data. Data that might be retrieved from various sources such as Google sheet/spreadsheet, etc.
I want to learn more about viewing data using different filters in a Django dashboard. Maybe even incorporate boostrap as a front end.

Obviously, nothing beats the documentation.

All in all, I am looking to get my hands dirty in Django for the next 6 months. Then maybe I would be good to go into an awesome project I have in mind.

Please feel free to suggest, give opinions, or share your experiences in learning Django. I’m open to all ideas anyone has to share and helpful resources in my learning curve.

If you are new to python than I would suggest to learn basics of python first, if you already have good skills in python then you can go through any YouTube tutorial to clear the basics of Django.
note: look for latest Django tutorial videos as it will cover the latest version of it
You will start learning more and more as you will develop some projects with Django and it will surely clear your concepts more about Django

I always recommend people start out with either (or both) of the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial. They’re not fancy or slick, but they do a really good job of exposing you to the fundamentals that you need to know moving forward.