Unable to run server

When I am trying to run: python manage.py runserver_plus 8002

I am getting the following Error:

Process finished with exit code -1073741795 (0xC000001D)

Does someone know what causes this Error?

Hi , at first have you activated your venv ?
Then , why do not you try just :
python manage.py runserver
py manage.py runserver
without _plus 8002 ?

Yes, I already did.
With or without _puls 8002, it is still the same Error

Is it this? : python - error: Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime - Stack Overflow

didn’t see too many other references?

Are you running it on windows, and trying to run tensorflow within the django app, or something along those lines?

This error code appears to be particularly problematic. If you search the web for that error code, you’ll find a variety of possible issues and solutions.

If you’re lucky, it’s caused by some python module using a Windows DLL that isn’t installed or isn’t installed correctly. You might want to try reinstalling any modules you’re using that have native Windows DLL components. (If you’re unlucky, the root cause is something more fundamentally wrong with your Windows installation - something has gotten corrupted.)