Want to join the Bengali(bn) localization team

Hey folks, Myself Uzzal Hossain from Bangladesh.
I want to contribute to Bengali localization, already sent a request to join the team on Transifex.
user name: uzzal_bd.
It will be great if anyone approves my request.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, I heard you’ve been accepted.

By the way, the current Bengali coordinator is now short of time for the task, are you or anyone else you know motivated to take the role, which is mostly handling join requests and ensuring translations are at 100% each 8 months when a new Django major release is approaching?

Hello Claude! I would like to take the role of Bengali coordinator. I have some exp on other django packages & also some in cpython [work in progress].

Thanks a lot for volunteering! Now we can hope to have a 100% Django 4.0 in Bengali :slight_smile:

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