What should be the title of a django developer?

Actually I am working with django . But I really confuse about the title of a django developer. Is the title should be " Full stack developer " or " Full stack web developer " or " Full stack developer with python and django" ? I think this is a foolish question but I am serious about that.

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As a serious answer, my first response is that the term “full stack” has no generally recognized definition. I’m aware of at least three or four different interpretations of that phrase, encompassing differing sets of skills.

Titles, in the world of software development, pretty much mean whatever you want them to mean. In the corporate world, they tend to be somewhat arbitrarily chosen to fit within some desired hierarchical structure.

So I guess it comes down to understanding why you’re asking this question - the context in which this is going to matter. If you’re trying to advertise yourself on a resume, I believe it’s far more important to be specific and accurate about what you know and what skills you bring to a perspective client/employer, than any title you may have held.