Which CMS is preferable for me ?

Actually I am a Django developer . I am enough well in python . And in future, I want to work with python as a full stack developer . And you know , to create a website from the scratch is too hard and it takes a lot of time . So that’s why it is time to use any CMS to better my job . Now you know there are several python base CMS such as Django CMS,Wagtail,Mezzanine,MoinMoin,Quokka,Kotti,Plone,Nive CMS,Pyplate,Pinax,Skeletonz. I want to work with very large project such as school/college management system , social media , e-commerce etc . What CMS should I use to better my full stack development experience . Because I want to build up my future with python as a full stack developer.

When I’m looking to compare Django packages, I always start with djangopackages.org - and sure enough, they do have a page for CMSs.

Before choosing a platform, you’ll want to look at the “intangibles” as well as the technical issues.

However, very superficially based upon what you’ve posted here, I’m not sure any of those CMSs are close fits for the type of applications you’re describing. They’re certainly not the types of features that I’d be looking for in a CMS.