Why should I want to use REST with django?

hey, I’m new to Django and web development :slight_smile:
I don’t understand why would I want but use a rest framework? and not with views.py forms, and what not?
what would it give me to do? I see the admin page works great but I want to modify it so users with some permissions could edit the modules.

Using the Django Rest Framework (DRF) is never a requirement, but it saves you a lot of time.

What you find over time is that if you’re creating these types of interfaces, you’re replicating a lot of code. Those patterns of common code are what exists in DRF. So using DRF saves you the time and effort from writing that code.

Thank you for your answer! what do the Django admin page use to access and change the database?, I want pretty much the same but I need to customize it more then what the Django admin let me. so should I use DRF? how is it integrable with Django’s forms and models?

To learn how to build a site allowing you to manage data in Django, start with the official Django tutorial.

If you’d like another perspective on the process, work through the Django Girls Tutorial.

Either one is going to show you what’s needed to be done to build a site to let you enter and edit data.

If you’re looking to build a REST-based API for application consumption, the DRF tutorial is the place to start.