Wish to join Django documentation translation teams

Hi, I would like to start contributing to this awesome project.

I see Django PT-pt (my native language) documentation has a lot of improvement opportunities, and I would like to help.

I’ve created a Transifex account and tried to join on Django-docs and Django projects, and now I’m waiting for feedback.

Hope I can help and learn with you guys!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Sofia,

I added you in the team. We could even appoint you as coordinator, as the team looks currently stale. Your first task would be to bring Django Portuguese translations to 100% again.


Hello, and thanks for including me on the team. I am currently reviewing and finishing Portuguese translations in django-wiki. Once I am finished, yes, I can work in bringing Portuguese translations for Django to completion.
Best regards,

Hello, I am going to start working now on Django translations.