Allow user to move / customise website look

Hi, I wish to build a website where the user can select to see certain information (in my case boxes and graphs that show temperature and flow, as well as a geodjango map view. I want each of these views within the page to be moveable. The user can drag and drop where he/she want to see it.

Can this be done, any pointers/help?

Can this be done? Yes. But it’s going to require JavaScript. (Django, running on the server, doesn’t have any control over the browser.)
I’m sure there are a number of JavaScript libraries out there allowing for that type of “dashboard” creation.
A quick search for “JavaScript dashboard framework” is probably a good starting point.

Most of the intricacies involved with this is going to be getting whatever you select working with Django. You’ll want to select a framework designed to work with a generic back-end, and that it documents what data it sends to and receives from the server.

One factor you’ll want to take into consideration is “persistence”. Do you want to save this layout per user? If so, you’ll want a framework that can send its structure back to Django to be stored.

While we try to help people here with some JavaScript-related issues, this is going a bit beyond that. You may find more useful / direct information and assistance on a JavaScript-oriented site.